Moving into the Space Cleared by Our Mothers

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Moving into the Space Cleared by Our Mothers

Author: Mary Dorcey

EISBN: 9781897648254

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 102

Release Date: 1992-08-29

Details: A new book by Mary Dorcey is an event first to be celebrated, then to be reckoned with, for we can count on it to effect dramatic changes in our understanding of the way language is to be used and applied. These poems are the work of a canny and dexterous stylist. Readers of Mary Dorcey’s fabulous short stories will here find many of the same rewards and challenges, but achieved through a language that is at once more lucid and more exacting: at any moment an unsuspected idiom (the book’s title phrase, for instance) can spring arrestingly, and demand close attention and a response. Nearly every poem records an important human fact that has hitherto gone unspoken; nearly every poem marks a past silence and opens a new possibility. This is a truly profound book, a remarkable and valuable achievement.
Victor Luftig (Yale University)

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