How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood Second Edition

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How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood Second Edition
How We Do Both: Art and Motherhood Second Edition

Edition: Revised ed.

ISBN: 0988321440

Number Of Pages: 100

Publisher: Secretary Press

Details: Literary Nonfiction. Women's Studies. Art. In the first edition of HOW WE DO BOTH (2012), we asked a group of established artists to respond to three questions: How do you logistically balance art making and motherhood? Does your art making require a "room of one's own"? Did having children enhance your creativity? Some responded directly to these questions while others used the questions as an inspiration for an essay. Our aim with this second edition is not only to print more copies but to show that our community of artists is continually growing. Our hope with this second collection is to diversify further the voice of the mother artist, which at times is interpolated through a collective experience but still remains unique through the power of individual choice.

"HOW WE DO BOTH: ART AND MOTHERHOOD belongs in women's studies collections, appears in its second edition, and pairs small, vivid color photos with a discussion that focuses on the concept of the mother/artist and how children have affected their artistic process. It discusses how motherhood and art balance one another, what methods female artists use to assure that both needs are met, and offers first-person insights that discuss incorporation as much as equilibrium. This vivid survey will reach any woman who struggles with the nature of motherhood and its demands versus the inner drive to express themselves through art, providing personal methods, insights, and reflections that will inspire individuals and communities alike. Having children means that life—and art—of necessity are changed. As HOW WE DO BOTH demonstrates, it doesn't necessarily mean that either must be sacrificed for a 'greater good.'"—Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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