For Another Writing Back

Waiting by Natascha Dea

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For Another Writing Back

Author: Elaine Bleakney

ISBN: 1940090008

Number Of Pages: 67

Publisher: Sidebrow Books

Details: Poetry. "FOR ANOTHER WRITING BACK extends to strangers and creatures the same quizzical care we extend to those we love; it gives us a way of seeing that is very close to listening. Part reverie, part reflection, these lyric sequences examine childhood, 9/11, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, giving birth, the dailyness of marriage, family gatherings, friends living with cancer, a lizard come into the house to die—all with a distinctive, intimate quiet. Attentive to what separates us and to what unexpectedly draw us close, Bleakney's vision expresses, in the most stunning terms, not only the depth of our inwardness, but how we might seek shelter in one another."—Joanna Klink

EAN: 9781940090009

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